Monthly Archives: September 2007

Hello Bozeman!

Welcome to Art Bozeman! If you’re an artist or art fan in the Bozeman area, I hope this blog will be of interest to you. There are many things it could include, some obvious ones being:

  • openings and events
  • calls for artists
  • reviews and general opinions
  • news affecting artists

A good example of a local arts resource along these general lines is Livingston’s, recently established by Lynn Weaver. It’s a great place to look for ideas.

Ideally, I’d like to see a more social place with the focus on artists, who care about marketing but also have other concerns. Perhaps all topics would live on the same blog, but perhaps some conversations could better take place on a different one. You are the ones who can best say what your concerns are. And you can best provide the content. I’d like anyone who wishes to be able to write posts on this blog. And, naturally, anyone may comment on any post. Starting with this one. Any thoughts or reactions out there?