Further thoughts

I tossed out the idea of a local art blog at Art and Perception to see what ideas or experiences that group had. Naturally, the question of promoting it at the beginning came up. Personally, I think I’ll be going around to contact potentially interested parties directly. But it will be interesting to see whether anyone finds the blog through web browsing or searching.

Sourdough Trail fenceline

Another issue arising was the sometimes uneasy relationship of galleries and artists, or perhaps commercial vs. non-commercial concerns. How this might play out is anyone’s guess. It depends so much on the people involved and the direction the blog takes. I can certainly imagine that it might turn out most appropriate to have a separate artist authors only blog. But as Robert Frost knew,  good fences don’t necessarily make good neighbors. In any case, all should realize that nothing is set in stone. Anybody so inclined can start their own blog free of charge, and hopefully that will happen down the line.

The blog doesn’t make the community, people do. The purpose of the blog is to lower some of the barriers to communication.