Resources for Bozeman art events

How do you find out about what’s taking place in the Bozeman art world? I hope this very blog eventually becomes known as a resource for checking on art events here. One motivation in starting it has been the lack of a single, easily accessible place to learn what’s going on. Especially those events that might be spur-of-the-moment or seemingly not “important” enough to publish: they are communicated by signs, notes on bulletin boards, or word of mouth. While that’s often the most appropriate way, there are also cases where wider notification might be wished. For example, I recently missed the opening of a well-known artist from New York, Joanne Mattera, and likely would have missed her entire visit if I hadn’t noticed a poster by the MSU arts library. (I did discover later that it was mentioned in the small, ad-like list of university events in the newspaper insert This Week that came out that morning.)

So where do I get information about what’s coming up? One key resource is This Week from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, already mentioned. It has a community events calendar that includes art as a category, and also brief articles or press releases relating to some events. But the calendar is not available on the web; you have to buy the Friday paper or subscribe. Or pick it up from a café where papers are left around.:-)

The best place online is the Lively Times listing, which has the advantage that it covers other large towns in Montana and various types of events. It’s where the Montana Arts Council calendar page points.

Another place to go is the Bozeman Tributary; their online calendar lists art events and others. It seems pretty sparse, though, with announcements only from major organizations.

For more specific information, The Emerson cultural center lists the exhibitions, art walks, and other major events at the center. The Museum of the Rockies similarly publicizes their own happenings.

And that’s about it. I’d be delighted to hear about anything I’ve missed. Please mention any additions in a comment, for the benefit of all of us.

Update: one place I missed on the web is the New West‘s local events calendar for Bozeman. The nice feature here is that anyone can submit an event to be listed. For the coming week, I found one photography listing, three film, and the rest music, theater, or other. Thanks to Stephanie at The Emerson for reminding me of this.

Update 2: There’s now an Event info page listed always at the top of the blog.