Art connections

Little did I suspect that my post last night would be validated so rapidly. My point was that blogs need not be the media stereotype of a vanity diary, but rather can be a great tool for making connections with people. Within less than 24 hours, I’ve heard from Amanda, a Canadian artist presently living in Japan (not far from where I lived for several years), gotten a standing breakfast invitation from Lynn Weaver, former Danforth Gallery director now running the Livingston arts blog and her web design business Sparkling Dawg, and received the following email (quoted with permission) from artist Brad Bunkers:

I just checked out the new Art Bozeman blog and wanted to congratulate you for connecting the arts community in Bozeman. I’m always looking for talented artists to feature on, especially people from Bozeman and Livingston.

By the way, I really like the home page banner photo!

Brad Bunkers
HoboEye Editor
An online arts journal for alternative artists, wild-souled writers and indie musicians.

Artists, take note!

I had to let Brad know that “connecting the arts community in Bozeman” is way more vision than reality at this point. But I hope this blog, or whatever it morphs into, can be a catalyst toward that goal.