Banner occasions

For those of you who don’t read About pages — or The Banner pages — consider this an open invitation to submit your artwork for the banner image at the top of this blog. I admit, at 140×770 pixels, it’s not the most convenient format. Sorry, this is a free blog and I don’t get to set the size. But, there is The Banner page where you can not only post a proper image, but also provide a blurb about it, including a link to your web site or whatever, if you wish. (When I say proper image, I actually mean your full image, re-sized to at most 450 pixels wide, but clickable to show an image any size you dare to post, as far as I know.)

Your image will be the first thing everyone sees for however long it is up. I don’t know how long that will be — depends on submission rate — but afterwards it will be archived at the Art Bozeman Banner Archive for the benefit of posterity and anyone else with too much time on their hands.