Creative Planet: How the Landscape Makes Art (and Vice Versa)

This is the title of a Saturday (10/20) afternoon workshop at the Bioneers conference at the Emerson. It features a panel of Josh DeWeese, Matthew Marsolek, and MJ Williams, with Savannah Barnes facilitating. Bios of these folks can be found on the BORN site; here’s the workshop blurb:

Art has the power to transform us. Art connects communities through shared times and issues: art reflects who we are and how we feel about that. Art mirrors our environment — internal and external. How does the landscape influence our artists? How do our artists influence our landscapes? What do we need to do to sustain our artistic richness? What are the threads connecting past artists to the present, and connecting the local to the global? How can art wake up more people to care about place? Come listen to perspectives from a potter, two musicians and a writer on how art and place make beauty. Venue: Down to Earth Yoga

Tough questions, but I’m sure you’ll get the answers if you attend the workshop. :-)

Note: If you’ve perused a detailed schedule of Bioneers events, you might have noticed this workshop. As far as I can tell, it’s not listed anywhere with art-related events. Another example of why we need a place like this blog for such announcements.

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