Kevin Connolly’s Photography: The Rolling Exhibition

From an MSU news release:

Montana State University student Kevin Connolly, who has an unusual viewpoint of the world because he was born without legs, will share a collection of his photographs taken throughout the world and speak about his adventures at a multimedia presentation to be held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 23, at MSU’s Strand Union Ballrooms.

“The Rolling Exhibition,” the name for Connolly’s collection of photographs, is sponsored by ASMSU and is free and open to the public.

Connolly, a senior honor student from Helena majoring in media and theatre arts, is an X-Games medalist, an extreme skier and a gifted photographer who has traveled the world twice over, taking photos from a perspective few see. His images, shot from a camera at skateboard level, capture people in all walks of life as they notice Connolly for the first time.

Man, Girl, and Boy; Cluj Napoca, Romania
Man, Girl, and Boy; Cluj Napoca, Romania

More information here. See also Connolly’s web site.

49 thoughts on “Kevin Connolly’s Photography: The Rolling Exhibition

  1. rachel

    is this connollys site? ..
    becuase his site acually doesnt work ,.. the rolling exhibition .com

  2. Audra Church

    Very impressive interview on 20/20! Had to view your web page afterwards. God bless you! Thank you for your spirit!

    ~Audra Church

  3. Natasha

    Dude… You are inspiring… Totally Awesome!!:)
    Alot of people must be going to your web site cause I can’t get thru… It’s cool I’ll check it out later.. Happy New Year!!!!

  4. Natasha

    Dude… You are inspiring… Totally Awesome!!:)
    Alot of people must be going to your web site cause I can’t get thru… It’s cool I’ll check it out later.. Happy New Year!!!!

  5. terry carhart

    I believe the hits have crashed the server in Bozeman , MT. Hopefully it will be back up soon!!

  6. DAvid From new york

    I like his work n would like to find the rest can someone send me the links to the sites

  7. Sarah

    I’m not sure if Kevin will see this or not, but I just had to say how inspiring he is. His story really touched our lives! We are photographers and love his concept.

    I wish I could find his website!!!

  8. Blain

    Rachel — it’s been Slashdotted. It’ll probably work tomorrow, when most folks have lost interest.

    I’m impressed with Kevin’s story and work. I appreciate his Montana connection as I have some Montana connections of my own (I used to live further down the Banana Belt than Bozeman). I’m glad to see him getting some attention and I hope it benefits him.

  9. Sonia from Berkeley, CA

    Kevin, how lucky you are to be born in a family that supported you in becoming the amazing person and wonderful example that you are- how lucky we are to have seen your interview this evening! Thanks for sharing your story. More power, health and happiness to you!

  10. Crosby

    I enjoyed your inspiring story. I really like the photos you have taken! Nice board choice, I ride one just like it.

  11. Lyn

    Dear Mr. Connolly,
    Your interview on 20/20 led me to the Art Bozeman site, which then led to the Rolling Exhibition site, and your own. Thank you for being an ordinary guy – not one who became a victim of an accident of birth, or disabled- but who goes, and does, and doesn’t let anyone stop you from getting what you want from life. Please keep on the good work. If more people acted in the face of challenge instead of complaining about it, this world would be a much nicer place for us all to live in. Thanks for making my world a little better, and inspiring me to try harder. All the best to you. (Good luck with the dogs, too.)

  12. Bob


    You truly are an inspiration. What an impact you have made on my life. Hope that some day I may have the privilege of meeting you.

  13. Jim

    I watch your interview on 20/20 last night and tears came to my eyes. No sad tears, but happy joyful tears. Your story is just incredible and inspiring. Thank you for make my life a little better. God Bless

  14. PE

    Yeah, I’d stare too, but because you are hot! Great smile and eyes, perfect tone on your arms and back. Hot.

    I agree with your comment about how the pictures capture the people pulled out of their normal lives and roles — excellent shots!

  15. Jerry Hughes

    Go for it Kevin! Hey, NEVER ask “why”. That’s consuming. Everything just is, period. Just keep doing what you’re doing, looking forward and counting the many blessings you have —-and you’ve got um. Don’t waste your time with “little people” because you’ll never turn um. Keep “growing” and you won’t notice any loss in your quality of life and won’t even view your missing legs as an inconvenience. (Great pics)

  16. JR

    I was happy to run into your piece on 20/20 last night. I’m sure your story has and will encourage the human spirit of all to rise above difficulties and challenges in life as it has mine. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

  17. George

    I admire you. You are a gifted human with a very positive attitude. Keep pressing and continue to pursue your dreams.

  18. Trudy -Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

    Thoroughly enjoyed the article on 20/20 last night.
    I have great admiration for such a talented person.
    Kevin, you make me want to be a better person. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  19. Leann from Saskatchewan, Canada

    Saw 20/20 last night and was very touched by your story. Your pictures are amazing. You truly are an inspiration!

  20. Bambi,Wichita Falls, Texas

    Saw your incredible story on 20/20 last night. You are truly an inspiration to the physically challenged, you show them that you can overcome anything in your life, it is all about your spirit. My 16 year old daughter is challenged everyday in more ways than one and you give her hope. She thinks you are so good looking. Can’t wait to hear more from you. God Bless and keep you.

  21. Paul

    The 20/20 piece stated you’d taken more than 32,000 photos, but the dailychronicle article states 3,200… which one is wrong?

  22. michael/sally

    wow!!! God has given you an incrediable attitude for life. We were so fired up about your story(in a good way, excuse me), that we shared it with some people who are disabled at church.
    My wife Sally has no use of her legs, walks on crutches. She mows the lawn, rides tandem bike w/me, gardens, swims, goes to the beach, takes hikes with me and our twins, shovels the snow………God gave you a great story love to hear it sometime here in GrandRapids,michigan. Mars Hill Bible Church. Do practice any type of faith, church, God? thanks michael,

  23. Maria

    Ya! Kevin is accomplished in just about everything a kid his age should be. That Montana air must have something to do with it as his amazing parents and his great spirit and sheer strength of will and mind. If I stared it is because he is so good looking ( I am a sucker for a pretty face) those eyes are incredible, so full of mischief. The grace on his skateboard would make me stare (I have 2 legs, no skateboard skills). If he decides to model, he’d be great at that too, but I suppose it would be boring for him. I love the photos (people watching is fun) and the perspective is cool. I wish Kevin a great career. Sounds like he knows what really matters. Good luck always. May the stare be with you.

  24. rachel

    You guys, if you read his bio he doesn’t want to be know as “inspiring.” I think many of you missed the point.

  25. Davis

    I think the story has been turned around, He doesn’t want people’s sympathy. He is a good photographer and I wouldn’t mind him taking my pics, Otherwise he is just like everyone else and I won’t treat him any different.

  26. Meron

    All the world needs is a positive personality like yours to make the world a better place. I salute you. Wish you happiness and good health.Thank You

  27. Polly


    Kevin, your works have deliver a good message to the world. I just read the news on Yahoo and the interview has caught my attention. First, curious; second, interesting; last, WOW, very impressive.

    I like you works but unluckily I could not get to your speaking in MT.

    Definitely, I will recommand to my home school (Cal Poly Pomona, CA) to invite you as a guest speaker to share your incredible talent and experience.

    Thanks for bringing the good works and positive attitude to us and I hope I could see you any day soon in Cal Poly.

  28. Kay

    Rachel–everyone wants to be an inspiration..but, i understand what you are saying re: Kevin’s bio with respect to comments posted here and i agree…to a point.

    There is alot to Kevin…alot that was obviously inspired by his parents. He is a very talented and well rounded individual that has used his talents and attitude as portals for reaching people. His message is profound…his talents are immense…his attitude is what keeps his skateboard rolling. Who couldn’t see that as inspiring? However, Kevin has so much more to offer this world than simple inspiration. He’s a gifted go-getter with intense insight. Using his photography, he has found an astounding way to share his insight. KUDOS to Kevin….God has a purpose for his life and his parents taught him aptly to recognize that he has much to offer–including inspiration.

  29. HK2046

    Hello Kevin

    This afternoon just want to
    Consult my family doctor
    and talking about my Legs having Gout pain problem!
    Should I better need to have long-term medical treatment of it?

    Then Kevin you appear in Hong Kong TV rogram,
    I heard your story before But after saw your interview
    Your impressive is very Sunshine and positive thinking Guy !

    I am proud of You

    Ken Cho HK2046

  30. Samantha

    I hope Kevin will read this, because i believe he just pushed me to try even harder to change this world too.

    Today, in my English class, i was assigned to answer whether i agreed if all men are created equal. As a natural reflex from being a minority, i answered no. As i was writing i thought of you and your inspirational (i know you get this a lot) and moving story. You weren’t born with all the physical advantages many of us have, but you have such great mental and spiritual power that you can touch the hearts of so many and change this world, making it a better place. I don’t know if you can call this luck, considering you worked for this position, but i would like to say i, like everyone i see in your pictures, is somewhat jealous of you. I envy your ability to make something so productive from something many would simply see as negative. I want to be able to touch the hearts of many like you. And thanks for helping me with my homework.

  31. renzo

    well kevin what else can i say to you… im sure you have heard it all… and yes im envious of you… u actually make me feel like a loser… besides you look super cool on that skateboard… THANKS FOR SHARING UR STORY AND BEING A GREAT INSPIRATION TO MANY.

  32. Franklin Munguia

    Awesome. Are you on Facebook? I sent the interview to all my friends on Facebook and MySpace. Awesome story. Good for you. Keep it up!

  33. Jazzmin Christman

    Listen Kevin, I told everyone I know to promise me they’ll bye and read your book.

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