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I own a small shop/gallery named tart in the Emerson Cultural Center, and am looking for artists to do month long shows. I feature local and regional art, both jewelry, accessories, and more traditional art that hangs on walls. The space is bright, colorful, and fun. I’m looking for more contemporary, less traditionally “western” work, the quirkier the better. If you’re interested in showing in tart, I prefer email contact (, with images of your work attached. If it looks like it’s a fit, I’ll get in touch with you and ask you to come in and show me the work in person.

4 thoughts on “anna visscher @ tart @ The Emerson

  1. sdurbin Post author

    Quirky and fun describe tart to a t. I always stop by when I’m at the Emerson to see what’s new.

    Before opening her shop, Anna managed the art exhibits at the Co-op, which is how I first met her.

  2. curlywurlygurly

    a short ode to tart:

    tart, tart you sell such quirky and wearable art,
    but why must we be so darned far apart?
    from my door to yours, it’s over 2,225 miles,
    if you’d move to brooklyn, i’d be all smiles.
    superball earrings are my favorite to date,
    now if you’d just get a web site, my tart craving you’ll sate!

  3. Rick bischoff

    Hello, I was at the Emerson this last weekend and noticed a young lady sewing and selling colorful hats. After arriving home near Billings my wife mentioned that she would like one of those caps. Can you help me get in touch with that vendor?
    Thanks, Rick

  4. tart

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for asking! I sell her hats here in tart. I’d be happy to talk with you about what colors and sizes I have, and she does custom work as well. You can email me at the above address or call 406-582-0416.


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