Gennie DeWeese and the Art of Community

The memorial service for Gennie DeWeese was held today. Though I knew her personally in the slightest way–enough to greet each other on the various occasions we met at some art event over the last year or so–I knew well of her significance in the Montana art world. She and her late husband Bob were instrumental in developing modern art in the state. They did this not only through their work and teaching, but by forming the nucleus of a very strong and supportive community of artists, a fact universally attested to by the many who spoke at the service.

Some of DeWeese’s recent canvas scrolls were hung around the walls of the ballroom. My clear favorite was of a tree-lined stretch of creek, with snowy ground before and snowy hillside behind. Later in the afternoon I drove past her house on Cottonwood Creek on my way to ski up the canyon. It seemed a good place to spend time.

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