Shack Up Design: the Art Bozeman interview


Yesterday I interviewed Kathryn Helzer at Shack Up Design. It was actually more of a conversation, and I was distracted by the amazing leather armchair I was sitting in, but here’s my best effort at organizing it into questions and answers.

1. Please introduce yourself and your exhibit space.
pixel.gif I’m Kathryn Helzer and I manage Shack Up (908 N. Rouse Ave., Bozeman).

2. Do you have a defined mission or niche?
pixel.gif We are trying to promote contemporary work in the context of a non-traditional gallery setting. We sell classic modern to contemporary rustic. We try to promote design that meshes with almost any decor.

3. What local/regional/national mix of artists have you had?
pixel.gif We focus on local and regional, meaning Western. There are enough artists in this area that need to be showcased. Also, that’s what people are looking for.

4. How do artists usually connect with you?
pixel.gif Sometimes I ferret them out. I go to lots of openings and try to keep aware of what’s out there. Many of the artists I’ve known for some time, and I hear of others or they hear of us through word of mouth.

5. How should an artist looking for a show or advice best approach you?
pixel.gif Peruse your surroundings, go to galleries, and have a good idea of where your work would fit in. I’m always happy to look at work.

6. Anything else you’d like to tell artists and art aficionados?
pixel.gif Do what you love and for the art aficionados out there…go to galleries and buy art! Showing and selling contemporary art is hard work, but there is nothing else I would rather do.