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Bozeman artists on the web


I have heard that in Gallatin County the proportion of people identifying themselves as artists is several times the national average. True or not, I do know that there are a lot of artists around, but they can be hard to find even if they are on the Internet. I do know that people are looking, because my stats tell me of the web searches that bring people here.

The only online listing site I know of is the Bozeman page of Montana Artists, but to reach their very short list you have to scroll down past ads for real estate agencies, Hannah Montana, and a page-long tourist brochure. If there are other lists I’m missing, please let me know.

So I would like to make this blog available. If you’re an artist and have a web site, tell me and I’ll post it here and add a link on the Bozeman Artists page. And if you don’t have a web site, then Art Bozeman can be a place you might be found if people are searching for you specifically, or Bozeman area artists in general. Either way, just send me ( a few sentences about you and your art, along with contact information, and an image or two to include if you wish. You don’t have to live in Bozeman; any real or imaginary connection is enough.


7 thoughts on “Bozeman artists on the web

  1. It was great to meet you last night! I like this site very much… how can I get some of my work up here? Many thanks! Laura

  2. Laura, thanks for your interest. I’ve added you to the Bozeman Artists page, with a link to your web site. Nice to see that you also have a blog there! Other ways to appear on Art Bozeman are by sending info on an upcoming event, submitting a brief statement with a couple images for a bio post, or providing an image for the site banner.

  3. Steve, I’d love to be added to this list. I didn’t know you all existed until just minutes ago! How wonderful. I’m a relatively new artist, but am presently in the middle of a 2-month show at the Sola Cafe. My latest (and probably best) work is not on my website yet, so I’d be happy to send you a couple images if you’re interested. You’ll also find my Artist’s Statement and Bio on my website.

    Thanks so much for doing this, Steve. What an amazing resource!


  4. I would love to be linked to this site! Thanks for a great opportunity- !! Let me know if you need additional images.

  5. I’d love be added as well, what a great blog.

  6. Paintings from artist Kirsten Kainz will be featured in the Emerson’s Beaucoup Gallery in February and March. An artist known primarily for her re-salvaged metal sculptures, this collection of work showcases her ability to fluidly capture the expansive and dramatic Montana landscape in Oils and acrylic. Her works have been featured at Visions West in Bozeman, Livingston and Denver, Stowe Craft Gallery in Stowe, Vermont, Lovett’s Gallery in Tulsa,Ok, Sweet Pea Art Show, Peligro Metal Gallery in Twisp, Washington and have been included in many other distinguished exhibitions. An Artist Reception for Kirsten will be held during Gallery Walk on Friday, February 11th from 5pm-8pm. The show will hang through March 31rst.

    Lisa McGrory
    Beaucoup Gallery & Framing