Hj Mooij and Everybody’s Birthday @ Aunt Dofe’s

Ever wanted to have a birthday party with all your friends? Ever wanted to throw a special birthday for one of your friends? Well that’s how it all came to be. Everybody’s birthday converged with the two ideas of: 1. Having a special birthday party for a special someone, and 2. Always having birthday parties where everyone got to celebrate. The Everybody’s Birthday Art Show started three years ago when the artist showing at the winter show wanted to have it be a birthday party for a friend who’s birthday fell on March 13th. And then it seemed- why have it be for just them?

Hj Mooij will be showing new artwork at Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory in Willow Creek Montana, Thursday March 13, 2008. The birthday party starts at 6pm and will run as long as people know how to boogie, everyone’s invited. There will also be an artist’s reception on Sunday, March 16, 2008 starting at 6pm.

Press and release, press and release, press and release, watching the glue dry. This art show is about using less and gaining more through conscious efforts of simplicity. Press and release, press, release. Glue, your new favorite toothpaste! The art is in pieces, it tells the story of its creation. What is significant? Come to the art show!