Art for Africa @ The Emerson

Experience the power a brush stroke, the passion of a sketch, and the intensity of a photograph in Art for Africa. An exhibition of works inspired by Africa, Art for Africa is a collection of art produced to create awareness and raise money for Africa. The art work, an array of two-dimensional works, are inspired by a variety of African related subjects including African children, landscapes and culture. When submitting their work, all the participating artists had the same goal: to raise funds and awareness for a local non-profit organization, The Ugandan Orphans Fund. Founded in 2002 by Duncan Hill, The Uganda Orphans Fund is dedicated to the care and shelter of Ugandan orphans. The exhibiting artists include: Ian van Coller, June Courchene, Tanya M. Nevin, Tiffany Lillegard, Felicia Reynolds and others. The show will be on display in the Emerson’s Weaver Room Gallery April 21 – July 31. Meet the exhibiting artists at the opening reception on April 22nd, 6-8 pm.

For further information contact Felicia Reynolds, 585.4639 or Art for Africa is Felicia Reynold’s BFA thesis project, a culmination of her academic experience as a graphic designer and artist at MSU and her vision to instigate the world change she would like to see.

2 thoughts on “Art for Africa @ The Emerson

  1. jennifer pulchinski

    congradulations felicia, your a hard worker and an awesome friend

  2. fhluganda

    Awesome stuff! My wife and I live in Uganda helping orphans. We work for a Christian Orphan Program called Feed His Lambs here in Uganda. I’m happy to see what your doing! Keep up the good work! You can check out our blog at:

    Stop by and post a comment or two.

    Mukama Ye Ba Zibwe!

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