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For the latest in my Gallery Interview series, I talked with Mary Jane Corrigan (President) and Jan Poulsen (Treasurer) of Artists’ Gallery. As it should, this took the form of a conversation, rather than following my six-question format. I’ll adhere to the structure for this post, but the formality is all mine. The gallery has as relaxed an ambiance as any I know, as you’ll find if you stop by.

1. Please introduce yourself and your exhibit space.
The Artists’ Gallery is in The Emerson, and is part of the recently-formed affiliation of first floor galleries known as the Galleria. Artists’ Gallery is run cooperatively by the current 13 members, and also shows work by many consigners, representing about 30 artists in all. We’ve been in business for 16 years, making us one of Bozeman’s oldest galleries.

2. Do you have a defined mission or niche?
We offer incredible, “down-to-earth” art at very affordable prices. Our artists work in a wide variety of genres, including jewelry, painting, bronzes, ceramics, and other media. There’s also great diversity of subject matter, including abstracts.

3. What local/regional/national mix of artists have you had?
The gallery represents entirely Montana artists, with most of them being from Bozeman or the immediate area.

4. How do artists usually connect with you?
Artists should feel free to drop by the gallery to talk with one of the artists at any time, or call us at 406-587-2127 to get information.

5. How should an artist looking for a show or advice best approach you?
Artists seeking to join or show at the gallery must be juried in; quality is very important, as is pricing. An artist should have a small selection of finished work ready to to be hung or placed. That’s the best way for us to judge how well they would fit in with the gallery.

6. Anything else you’d like to tell artists and art aficionados?
It’s called Artists’ Gallery because it belongs to the artists. We try hard to assist artists to become the best they can become in a free yet supportive environment. Bozeman has made a lot of progress in the arts over the years, and the gallery looks forward to continuing to grow with the Bozeman art community.

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    I wish I had read this before my venture to Gallery 114. The comments are quite straight forward and well worth knowing. Next time…

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