Montana leads New York in fine artists

Well, not in total number of fine artists, but we do lead in fine artists per capita, a statistic that I, personally, much prefer. We beat out California, as well, trailing only three states known for their artist colonies: New Mexico, Vermont, and Hawaii. We also rank high in photographers (slightly below New York), the other category encompassing visual artists, and in writers and announcers. The data is in the just-released “Artists in the Workforce” report from the National Endowment for the Arts (PDF document here).

For those concerned with economics, the New York Times noted the following:

“It’s easy to talk about artists in lofty and spiritual terms,” said Dana Gioia, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. “Without denying the higher purposes of the artistic vocation, it’s also important to remember that artists play an important role in America’s cultural vitality and economic prosperity. Artists have immense financial and social impact as well as cultural impact.”

Following are all the job categories in which Montana appears in the top 10. The numbers represent artists per 10,000 population.

Fine artists, art directors,
and animators
1. New Mexico 18.1
2. Vermont 16.2
3. Hawaii 14.9
4. Montana 13.0
5. New York 12.6
6. California 12.4
7. Alaska 12.3
8. Maine 12.1
9. Oregon 11.4
10. Colorado 10.9

1. Hawaii 6.4
2. Rhode Island 6.1
3. New York 6.0
4. California 5.9
5. Maryland 5.4
6. Minnesota 5.1
7. South Dakota 5.1
8. Colorado 5.1
9. Wyoming 5.1
10. Montana 5.0

Writers and authors
1. Vermont 11.3
2. New York 10.8
3. Massachusetts 9.8
4. California 9.0
5. Oregon 8.6
6. Connecticut 8.1
7. Colorado 8.1
8. Maine 7.9
9. Maryland 7.7
10. Montana 7.5

1. North Dakota 4.7
2. Montana 3.6
3. Alaska 3.4
4. Vermont 3.4
5. South Dakota 2.9
6. West Virginia 2.9
7. Hawaii 2.8
8. Nebraska 2.8
9. Florida 2.6
10. Maine 2.4

1 thought on “Montana leads New York in fine artists

  1. Salvatore Vasapolli

    So true are your statistics. I recently used this information to find sponsors for my upcoming solo art exhibit at the museum of the rockies this Oct 11th. Because of these statistics I have been able to score Epson USA as a major sponsor for the MOR exhibit.

    Many of you are wondering what I’ve been up to now that I’m working in the New York/ New Jersey area. NO, I haven’t relocated here permanently. While I’m spending time with my 90 Yr Old mom, I’m shooting, marketing and meeting the art intelligentsia of old New Amsterdam.

    But, since Bozeman is, well, overstocked on a both artist and photographers, which is not a good thing is a economically depress time. It’s time to move into areas where your sales have more potential.

    It all takes time.

    Remember, If you can make in Bozeman, You can make it anywhere!

    Just be Frank.

    Sinatra that is!

    By the way, I just photographed that street named after him in Hoboken!

    Well I hope all of you come to my Exhibit Reception at the MOR this fall.

    Besides Epson, Halter Ranch Vineyards of Paso Robles will be suppling the vino. An exceptionally great Cabernet Sauvignon will be served.

    See you there!


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