Different Points of View: Visitors from Europe @ MSU

The MSU School of Art is proud to present Different Points of View.  Visitors from Europe, our third annual international artist-in-residence program. This fall, the School of Art will welcome two art professionals, an artist and an art historian to demonstrate the methodologies of contemporary artists working in Europe.

Hedwig Brouckaert, an accomplished sculptor, will host a two-day workshop titled Re/producing Complexity in 3 Dimensions, in which she will teach students the process of silicone mold making.  Many contemporary artists have used the process of mold making in their work, continuing many ancient techniques.

Dr. Peter Lodermeyer, an expert in modern and contemporary sculpture, will curate an exhibition titled Re/Producing Complexity in the Helen E. Copeland Gallery in Haynes Hall, and provide highlights and criticism of various sculptors in different European countries, including famous artists as well as interesting new talents.  He will be able to give a well-informed survey of subjects, themes, materials and formal innovations in European sculpture today.  The exhibition will consist of complex and large-scale drawings by Hedwig Brouckaert, Nelleke Beltjens, and Jorinde Voigt, three young European women from three different countries.  Lodermeyer will give a brief gallery talk in which he will discuss the works individually and give critical insight to both artists and audience.  This will coincide with the gallery reception, Tuesday, October 7 from 5-7pm.

Lodermeyer will also give the lecture New Tendencies in European Sculpture in SUB Ballroom from 5:30-6:30 pm Monday, October 6, which is free and open to the public.  Using slides to help demonstrate, Lodermeyer will highlight some positions of various sculptors in different European countries.  He will give a will-informed survey of subjects, themes, materials and formal innovations in European sculpture today.

Hedwig Brouckaert will host a workshop for students called Re/producing Complexity in 3 Dimensions in which she will instruct mold making using silicone rubber for casting complex objects.  They will work from small objects that the participants bring to class.  Part one of the workshop will be held Monday, October 6 from 1-5pm in Haynes Hall 119, followed by part two on Wednesday, same time and place.   Limited space is available so please contact before Monday.

Brouckaert will also be giving a lecture and presentation of her work Thursday evening at 5pm in Cheever Hall 215.  She will discuss her life as an artist and show images of the work she has created and discuss works currently in progress.

This project has been made possible by the MSU Provost Office, School of Art, ASMSU, and NSF EPSCOR. The Helen E. Copeland Gallery is located on the second floor of Haynes Hall on the MSU-Bozeman campus.  Haynes Hall is on 11th Avenue near the duck pond.  For more information, please call Erin W. Anderson at 994-2562.

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