April Hale @ tart

Equal parts metalsmithing and taxidermy, these works by April Hale highlight the humble detritus of highways and byways. Fur, bones, and teeth combine with metal to create odd, haunting things of beauty. The show will be on display through the end of October. Opening reception during Hatch artwalk on Wednesday, October 1st, 5-8p.m.

1 thought on “April Hale @ tart

  1. megan

    hi april, i met you at your opening night at tart. you should put your contact information somewhere, cause i found a bird. looks like it just fell over dead. it really looks peaceful just lying there. like it’s just asleep. thought you could use it for your art. it’s on the east side of 3rd between koch and curtis. near where the yellow line starts at the koch end. i would wrap it and put it in my freezer for you but my boyfriend doesn’t want it in there. today is oct. 16 so i hope you get this soon before the other animals get the bird. have fun. p.s. i really love the mouse necklace. if i had the courage i would totally wear it. the mouse’s position is perfect.

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