Fundraiser for Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory

Like a hole finger-poked in the soil, Aunt Dofe’s (rhymes with loaf) Hall of Recent Memory, provides a place for artists to grow. In these times of ever-growing concern, curator Dave Kirk not only encourages artists who might not have a place to show their work, but inspires them to push beyond their limits and examine their own processes. For the last half a dozen years, Kirk nurtured known as well as unknown makers of contemporary art in his non-profit gallery located on Main Street in Willow Creek, Montana. But to take the metaphor further, Kirk doesn’t weed the garden, but allows it to grow whatever decides to take root – and an extraordinary thing happened – people came from all over the state to gorge themselves on the bounty.

It is never easy to admit, but now more than ever this gallery is asking for help. Dozens of artists have donated their work to the cause. The fundraiser/sale of pieces by Robert Royhl, Sara Mast, Tom Ferris, Jeffrey Conger, Ellen Ornitz, Tina DeWeese, Tom Thorton, Nina Alexander, Marcy James, Gabriel Kulka and many others will be available for purchase on a first come, first sold basis, on Sunday, November 2nd from 2 to 8 pm.

Across the street, the Willow Creek Café will offer gourmet meals, with the proceeds going to keep Aunt Dofe’s open. If this is something you’re interested in doing please call 406-285-6996 for more information or to reserve your ticket.

Kirk, and his gallery in Willow Creek, is a haven both for artists with a tendency toward the unconventional and for the rest of us, whose belief is often shaken by the hard edges of the world.