Call for banner art

In case you haven’t checked out The Banner before, know that the space up there at the top of the page is yours for the asking–just send an image to me, Ideally I would post a new banner once a month or so. It’s especially appropriate for extra publicity if you have a show coming up. It is an odd shape, but with great possibilities for intriguing details, which can always be supplemented by a full image and/or a link to your web site. For the sake of variety, I’ve been occasionally updating it with my own photographs, but I’d rather show your work.

The latest banner is from Jennifer Pulchinski, cribbed (with permission) from her web site Jen Pulchinski Portraits. By the way, all previous banners are archived for posterity at Art Bozeman Banners.

The exact shape of the banner is 770 pixels wide by 140 pixels high, but I can crop that from any image it’s convenient for you to send. So let’s see what you can do to beautify Art Bozeman.