Bozeman Artists’ Alliance on Facebook

Facebook is one of a large number of social networking sites on the Internet. Doubtless some of you readers already have Facebook profiles. If you’re an artist or gallery that maintains a mailing list of some sort, you should strongly consider using Facebook as a convenient means of not only maintaining those connections, but extending them through friends of friends. I’m not on Facebook yet myself—I’m over-web-extended as it is—but I probably won’t hold out much longer. If you’re thinking that Facebook sounds a little fringe, consider that the Bozeman Public Library is offering a class on it (at 9 am today, Saturday, so you probably missed it…) That’s getting pretty mainstream.

What brings this all up is that I recently learned of a Facebook group called the Bozeman Artists’ Alliance. Here’s what they say about themselves:

The Bozeman Artists’ Alliance is a group of artists, writers, musicians, actors, directors and other artistically minded people connected to the Bozeman community. We are united in one single purpose of inspiring each other to use our creativity to make a difference in the world.

It would be great to hear more about that group from anyone in it. For that matter, any other thoughts on Internet or non-Internet activities that connect artists are always welcome. That’s what Art Bozeman is all about.