Brad Bunkers @ Sola Cafe

Sola Café will host an opening reception for an exhibit of recent paintings by local artist Brad Bunkers Friday, Dec. 12, from 5-7 p.m. The show will run through Jan. 31. Bunkers is known for his anomalous visual narratives, evocative figures and wild-eyed depictions of farm animals. Referring to his recent “Goat Show” series, Bunkers noted, ” I find farm animals, especially goats and pigs to be ideal subjects in that they are highly emotive — I try to capture the individual essence rather than adhering to contextual boundaries.” When asked about his recent figurative works, he continues, “I’ve always been fascinated by everyday objects, the stuff often overlooked in the pursuit of beauty. My task as an artist is to find beauty in the mundane, then translate that rawness into a personal vision that hopefully resonates with the viewer.”

The open interior at Sola Café (290 W. Kagy, at South Third) lends itself to exhibitions of fine art and Bunkers anticipates using the space to display a wide range of works completed over the past three years. The owner of the newly opened café, Tiffany Lach, sees Bunkers’ show as “…the beginning of many eclectic and creative endeavors at Sola. We’re excited to show Brad’s work as part of our introduction to the community.” You can see a sampling of Bunkers’ work at his web site,