Magic Carpets: Tribal Rugs from the Turkish Border

This newest exhibit in The Emerson’s Jessie Wilbur Gallery also includes a slide show of historic sites, exotic architecture, colorful tiles, paintings, rugs, and Turkish people; all accompanied by extraordinary Turkish music and informational text. Hear more about Turkey in an informal gallery talk by Sara Mast and Terry Karson, Friday December 12th at 5 pm, followed by a reception during the Emerson’s Art Walk. Karson describes their collection as “Primarily Kurdish and Eastern Anatolian in origin, each of these rugs is what is referred to as a “one off”, or a unique work, not like any other. As such, they each reveal the weaver’s individual story, ideas and personality, unlike more commercial carpets that reflect primarily the skill of its maker. In turn these carpets reveal something about us, the collectors, as they embody an aesthetic that appeals the most to our own personal love of eccentric geometric pattern.”