Northwest Biennial (early call for submissions)

A while back I posted a call for submissions for the Northwest Biennial held at the Tacoma Art Museum. I recently received the list of selected artists, and not one of you people was on it—unless you were using your Seattle or Portland address (and an alias). Which, come to think of it, looks like it would be a good strategy. No doubt the artists chosen are an excellent bunch; you’ll be able to judge for yourself when the show is up, January 31 – May 25, 2009. For an impression of the previous biennial, see the report from smart Seattle art critic/blogger Regina Hackett. However, I’m sure there are Montanans who deserve to be there. I realize a month and a half wasn’t much warning for a submission of this magnitude. So this time I’m giving you a year and a half. Deadline coming up in July 2010. New Year’s resolution, anyone?