Steve Hamner photographs @ Sola Cafe

Sola Cafe will host an exhibition of photographs featuring food and culture from around the world by Steve Hamner during the months of February and March. An artist’s reception will be held Friday, February 6th from 5:30 – 7 pm. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Montana Outdoor Science School.

Hammer’s interest in photography began as a teenager when he was introduced to the photographic legacy of Edward Curtis. Inspired by his love of Curtis’ photographs of vanishing Native American culture and the landscapes that framed Indian life, he purchased his first 35mm camera while en route to Korea as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1975. Since then, he has always had a camera with him during travels overseas. He has selected some favorite photos from time spent in Korea as a Peace Corps volunteer and in Japan as a novice student of Buddhism living in a temple in Kyoto in the 1970’s. Also on display are more recent photos taken in India, where he worked over the last five years as a microbiologist studying the relationships between poverty and public health, and water and infectious disease. His photographic eye is most often drawn to people going about their everyday activities. “As a visitor and guest in a foreign country, I am intrigued by the diversity and richness of other peoples’ lives, as they perform their work, procure food and water, or relax over a cup of tea with friends and strangers.”

Sola Cafe is located at the corner of S. 3rd & Kagy across from the Museum of the Rockies. For more information, call 922-SOLA.