Lori Schilling @ Artists’ Gallery

The Artists’ Gallery, in the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture, will host a reception for a new artist, Lori Schilling, on Friday, March 13th, from 5-8 PM.  Schilling grew up in Great Falls and has been creating beaded jewelry most of her life.  Her original designs are beautifully detailed using sterling silver, Swarovski and Czech crystal, and natural stones.  Her beadwork will be exhibited in the gallery through March 28th.  The gallery is located at 111 S. Grand, Suite 106.  Regular hours are 10a-5p, Mon – Sat.

2 thoughts on “Lori Schilling @ Artists’ Gallery

  1. Linda Taylor

    I met Lori at Brooksie’s Bead store on Arizona Ave. in Chandler last Wed. My sister lives in Bozeman and I told her about your show. Is there a sight where I can see your work?

  2. Lori Schilling

    Hi Linda!

    Right now my jewelry is only shown at the Gallery. I hope to bump into you again at Brooksie’s!


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