Brooke Karath @ Artists’ Gallery

The Artists’ Gallery at the Emerson is pleased to introduce Brooke Karath as our guest artist during the month of April.  We invite you to meet the artist at a wine and cheese reception on the evening of the Emerson’s Art Walk, Friday, April 10 from 5-8 p.m.

Brooke paints Native American portraits and “retablos,” a traditional Spanish art form that represents holy images of Jesus, Mary, and the Catholic saints.  Since the 18th Century, retablos have been painted on wood or tin, and have been used to honor saints in homes and churches throughout the Southwest, Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain.  Brooke prefers to work with pine and uses a combination of watercolor, acrylics, and charcoal.  The driving force behind her work is the desire to honor the heritage, beauty, and heart of New Mexico.