Atlantis Unbound: Lori Hiris @ MSU Copeland Gallery

Lori Hiris will present her MFA thesis exhibition, Atlantis Unbound, in the Copeland Gallery in Haynes Hall, MSU School of Art. Hirst creates animated films from continuous reworking of a limited number of drawings. Her exhibit runs April 6-10th, with a reception Thursday, April 9th from 5-7pm.

Atlantis Unbound is loosely inspired by the utopian novel The New Atlantis, written by Sir Francis Bacon in 1627. Bacon, the philosopher of the new science of progress and technology, sets the stage for the main character Francis Galton to ponder the secrets of heredity. Via the metamorphosis of images, myth and history are interwoven through the act of drawing and erasing. Francis Galton is furiously writing letters to his cousin Charles Darwin in the pursuit of discovering the truth of hereditary science. Through conquest and discovery Galton’s mythology develops and his aspirations to improve the race lead to controversy.

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