Lecture by Rachel Warkentin @ MSU: Process, Memories, and Paint

Rachel Warkentin is a California based figurative painter working primarily in oil and egg tempera. She will be giving a lecture entitled Process, Memories, and Paint at 5:10-6:30pm, March 24th, in Cheever 215 on the MSU campus.

Warkentin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Art at Oregon State University and is currently finishing her Master of Fine Arts at the Claremont Graduate University. Her work is disciplined, methodical and meditative. Focusing on personal narration, dreams and memories, Ms. Warkentin’s work exhibits a quiet magic in each composition. A hugely prolific artist, Ms. Warkentin’s body of work is ever expanding and will serve to motivate students in their own studio practices. While at MSU, Ms. Warkentin will also give a workshop on the process of using egg tempera and conduct several studio visits.