Monthly Archives: April 2009

Bozeman SketchCrawl

Come join us for a day of documentary-style drawing and sketching in Bozeman!

Bozeman will be participating in the 22nd Worldwide SketchCrawl this year on Saturday, April 11.

A sketchcrawl is an all-day urban sketching and drawing marathon that was started in San Francisco by Enrico Casarosa. On April 11 all over the world, artists will gather in communities to draw and share their drawings. Over 90 cities worldwide are participating, and we’d like Bozeman to be among them!  The idea is to record all you can of what you do and see during the day.  From breakfast to dinner, anything can be documented in a sketch. It’s a kind of journalism-meets-sketching thing.  You don’t have to be an artist—you just have to have an interest in visually documenting your day.

Participants will get together and share their sketches at 4pm at the Bozeman Public Library, and you’ll also be able to post them on the SketchCrawl website forums.

For more information, go to, our page on the sketchcrawl website:, or check out our Facebook group:

Bring your sketchbooks and media.  We hope to see you there!