Ann Wilbert and Wendy Marquis @ Artists’ Gallery

The Artists’ Gallery at the Emerson invites the public to a reception for jeweler Ann Wilbert and painter Wendy Marquis, to be held on Friday, June 12, from 5 to 8 PM. Their works will be on display from May 26 through June 27.

Ann Wilbert: Ann has been making glass beads since 1996. Working with a propane/oxygen mix torch,  she melts rods of glass, then layers and forms them to create beads. The finished beads are then annealed in a kiln for longevity.  The striking colors of the glass and the way that the colors react together make glass a fascinating medium to work with. Like ceramics, the finished beads are somewhat of a mystery until the kiln has cooled.  Realizing that there are cooled beads waiting in the kiln to be discovered, is always a welcome thrill for Ann. Her current work is a study of organic color and form in glass.

Wendy Marquis:
Marquis’ eyes are constantly scanning her world for a scene to paint. As of late, she searches for ancient trucks in her Bozeman surroundings, as if she was a treasure hunter panning for gold; when she finds one that speaks to her, Marquis stops to see if she feels a story within its old metal bones. If she does feel so inspired, she proceeds to paint.  As she interprets this feeling and these stories of Montana…it flows intuitively through her brush and onto the canvas.  Whether she is painting an old truck, a landscape, or a mountain; or she is faux finishing a wall, Marquis’ spirit sings when she is working with color and paint.

She attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and graduated with a BFA from the University of Arizona. Over the last ten years, Wendy has traveled extensively to take classes in the art of faux finishing walls & furniture. She intertwines all these disciplines when she creates her paintings. Most of her paintings are available as limited edition prints, signed & numbered. Her website is Her studio is in Churchill.