NEW WORK by Jerry Rankin@ Aunt Dofe’s

Aunt Dofe’s opens a new season of Willow Creek artwalks with a show of NEW WORK by Jerry Rankin. Well known and respected for many years as an artist and art teacher, Jerry Rankin moved into a new studio in Whitehall, Montana last Fall. The move has marked many new beginnings in his work. A show of these new sculptures, prints, paintings and drawings will be up at Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory, 102 Main Street in Willow Creek, until July 12, 2009.

Because of the depth and sophistication of his work, Jerry Rankin has always had a special place among artists, but this new work is especially exciting because it has a real potential to reach a broader audience. This show is to be the first of a series of shows that get beyond the experience of the art itself and try to get at the artist’s experience as it is produced. The show documents an artistic idea as it transforms from a beautiful drawing to black and white studies to a whole new concept of two-dimensional sculpture. It is amazing to see what is gained, and what is lost as this idea migrates across the various media. The new paintings are their own special feast. They don’t represent something out there, they are objects in their own right. NEW WORK will open with a reception for Mr. Rankin on Friday, June 19 from 6 until 9 PM.