Brooke Karath paintings @ Sola

An exhibit of Brooke Karath‘s Native American portraits is on display in the dining room gallery at the Sola Café (corner of So. 3rd and Kagy) through the month of September.

Although Karath has resided in Bozeman for 15 years, she has always been drawn to the beauty and spirit of northern New Mexico. She’s inspired by its rich regional heritage, majestic landscapes, and hypnotic night skies. Karath began painting in May 2007, and has exhibited in galleries throughout northern New Mexico, as well as the Gallatin Valley.

In addition to painting Native American portraits, Karath also paints “retablos,” a traditional Spanish art form that represents holy images of Jesus, Mary, and any one of the Catholic saints.  Since the 18th Century, retablos have been painted on wood or tin, and have been used to honor saints in homes and churches throughout the Southwest, Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain.  Karath prefers to work with pine, and uses a combination of watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal.  The driving force behind all of her work is the desire to honor the heritage, beauty, and heart of New Mexico and its people.

More of Karath’s work can be seen at her web site.