Glass artist Mike Conrad @ Nova Café

Mike Conrad is showcasing a variety of glass art this month— fire goddesses whose svelte figures support cones of glass flames, ominous black trees with small enticing red apples—at the Nova Café. The show also features everything from Conrad’s intricate goblets, methods learned in Murano, Italy, under master Cesare Toffolo, to whimsical and seasonally appropriate heart pendants. The show runs through the end of February.

Conrad has been working with glass for almost 13 years. He spends much of his time in his Bozeman glass shop doing torch work, but may also be found at home in Washington. He trained in both Seattle and Italy, working with Roger Parramore, Nancy Callan and Lucio Bubacco, combining torch and hotshop techniques. Conrad also teaches workshops at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle.