Installation by Tracy Linder – Jessie Wilber Gallery

The Emerson invites the community to our monthly ArtWalk on Friday, March 12, 5 – 8 pm. Check out a new mixed media installation by Molt, Montana artist Tracy Linder on display in the Jessie Wilber Gallery. Linder is showing two bodies of work, including enormous sugar beet sculptures and a set of re-imagined working man’s gloves. This agriculturally based installation “addresses our indelible connection to the land and the sanctity of our food sources,” according to the artist. Growing up on a ranch outside Billings, her works reflect her close connection to the land of south central Montana. Former executive director of Helena’s Holter Art Museum Liz Gans interprets this process:

Tracy Linder examines the spiritual through the corporeal, an alchemical process that turns materials of the earth animal gut, hide, sinew into sacred objects, sacred for their quiet beauty, dignity, and depth, for their contemplative quality.

To meet the artist and to gain an in depth understanding of her work, Linder will present a gallery talk on Friday, April 9th, at 6 pm. This installation will be on display at the Emerson’s Jessie Wilber Gallery from March 12 – May 21. For further information please consult our website at or contact Ellen Ornitz, (406) 587.9797.