Life with Wings: Mixed Media Paintings by Mika Holtzinger

ASMSU Campus Entertainment presents Life with Wings, a collection of paintings by Mika Holtzinger. The exhibit will be showing in the Exit Gallery April 5 – April 16. There will be a free public artist reception on Thursday, April 15, 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

The images Mika creates celebrate the beauty of nature, as well as the decay of it, observing the interconnectedness of living things and the laws that govern them. Mika strives to make artwork which inspires people to more intricately bond with their environment, in hopes of forming a deeper appreciation for their surroundings.

Mika Holtzinger studied at the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy before earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wichita State University in Kansas. While completing her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Oregon, Mika became enchanted by the natural beauty of the West and her painting became more intensely focused on wildlife and the natural world. During this time Mika gained an appreciation for the value of making art in the community while performance painting with musicians, poets and actors. She has been on stage with  KRS-ONE, Anthony B and Steve Kimock, just to name a few. Mika recently moved to Montana, the ideal place to build a long lasting home and further her focus of nature-inspired painting. Please visit to learn more about Mika and her work.

The Exit Gallery is located in Strand Union Building room 212, Montana State University, Bozeman. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.