Call to Creatives: Project: Home

Project: Home is an art on paper exhibit that will be displayed at [the art project] at the Emerson. Decide what “Home” means to you and relay this to us visually on the project postcard. All the art pieces will then be displayed on our project wall. This paper can be provided to you upon request. Please contact us in order to obtain a project postcard.

Our mission is to exhibit art work in a casual format based on a theme, in this case “Home”. The art should provide various interpretations of the theme and provide a unique viewing experience to the public.

Each person interprets the same word differently. Some factors include native language, geographic location, age, and general view of the world. You don’t have to be a professional artist to participate in the exhibition. This project is about being creative and inspiring yourself and others, and participating in a group project.


  • Open to all participants. Please limit one art piece per person.
  • All artwork will be owned by the Emerson and not returned to the artist. We appreciate this donation to the Emerson. The proceeds from this exhibit will help sustain future art projects.
  • Please mail in your completed project or deliver to [the art project] at the Emerson. If delivery is after hours, feel free to slide the postcard under the door. The artwork must arrive by August 9.
  • Please include your signature and a brief description of your work and/or your inspiration on the back of the postcard. Your contact info, including your phone, address, email and website (if applicable) is also appreciated. This information is useful for networking purposes.
  • The show opening will coincide with the Bozeman downtown art walk on August 13, 5-8pm and refreshments will be served. The show will be on exhibit until October 4.
  • Any medium is acceptable as long as the 4” x 6” project paper provided is incorporated and can be hung by a magnet on our steel project wall.
  • We reserve the right not to exhibit your work.
  • Due to space constraints, a juried process may be required.

Thank you for your participation! We look forward to viewing the art you create. Please call Cherlyn Wilcox at the Emerson office at 406.587.9797 or for more information or to request a postcard.

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  1. Cherlyn Wilcox

    We are starting to receive some great postcards! We want to see what you can create. No artistic skills needed, any type of medium of acceptable. Join the project!

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