Informal group art critique @ [the art project]

The new gallery downstairs at the Emerson, [the art project], is more than just a gallery, but a community room to meet, teach, and celebrate. So lets utilize the space and get together to talk about our artwork! This is a great opportunity to bring in your latest artwork or idea about your next piece and discuss over some tea and wine.

We will meet for an informal critique Thursday June 3rd, from 7pm – 8:30pm. Come meet some fellow artists and get some encouragement on your artwork. The gallery space is across from Tart in the Emerson. Give me a call if you have any questions or shoot me an email.

For more information, contact: Allie Gato Buck at or 406.599.2818.

1 thought on “Informal group art critique @ [the art project]

  1. Dave Kirk

    You know you’ve been to a good art show when images haunt you for days afterward. And its even better when you realize that they are haunting you for reasons the artist or curator never imagined. And that’s the way it was at the Emerson last Friday. In the flagship gallery were 20 some portraits. They were impeccably photographed and impeccably hung. And at the other side of the building was the Emerson’s new art project. There was another portrait, a girl in a red scarf. It was repeated, smaller, in a montage of images. I’m not convinced that the photographer consciously picked a lens to distort the stone wall. I’m not sure that the red wasn’t inarticulately photoshoped. I’m not sure that the curators knew the rules they were breaking. But I left that show feeling I knew something about that girl in a red scarf, and I knew and appreciated something about the way the photographer sees his (or her) world. It was a gutsy, risky show.

    Congratulations Emerson. Two good shows for absolutely opposite reasons. And that is a sure sign of genius. I look foreword to seeing what more your new art project brings

    Dave Kirk

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