Elizabeth Stone @ [the art project]

[the art project] at the Emerson—a new space dedicated to engage the community with unique interactive projects, art exhibited by primarily emerging artists and other creative adventures—invites you to stop by during the art walk on Friday, July 9 from  5-8pm.

Elizabeth Stone will be exhibiting Song Bird Song, a collection of photographs that lyrically portray a brief interlude between impermanence and stagnation.  Stone moves us through her song, her poem, with the minute movements of the birds. The birds on the wires shimmer not unlike tiny drawings or musical notes on a piece of sheet music.  They rest, they move, they rest and they move and they pause before taking flight, depicting our own dance in life.

[the art project] will also be offering various interactive art projects for all art walkers at the walk while you enjoy wine and small snacks!

The Raptor Society will be here to exhibit their raptor images and will share information about their exciting education programs!