Yellowstone Stories: watercolors by Marsha Karle

Yellowstone Stories, a show of watercolors by artist Marsha Karle, will be on display throughout the Fall semester at Montana State University Libraries in the first floor Heathcote Court. Marsha has drawn on fifteen years of experience living and working in Yellowstone National Park in creating her watercolors.

“Having spent so many years involved in Yellowstone’s controversies and issues, it can take some time to make the transition back to just seeing and appreciating the park for its beauty. It’s such a wonderful place, and I’ve tried to capture its magic in watercolors that give us little glimpses of all the daily drama that goes on in nature.”

This is Marsha’s second library show in Bozeman this year. In June and July, seventy of her watercolors and sketches of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park were shown at the Bozeman Public Library.