“Tickled and Pickled”: Allie Gato Buck @ tart

Allie Buck has recruited an all star team of her favorite characters- mermaids, winged women, and pickles – in a collection of line drawings, paintings, and coloring books. Allie’s playful work tickles the imagination and invites the viewer to become part of the artwork through interactive elements and coloring books for children and adults. The evening will also feature a fun house photo booth with photographer Jessie Moore, a mustache giveaway and a pickle tasting extravaganza.

Opening reception: Friday, September 10, 5-8pm. The show will be on display through October 7th.

6 thoughts on ““Tickled and Pickled”: Allie Gato Buck @ tart

  1. Sissy Buck

    Hey Allie!! Congratulations on your new show!! I wish we could be there for your opening but we’ll see your work when we visit later this month…hope there will still be some work to see after all of your loyal followers and fans get done buying it all!! oxs Sissy

  2. Becky

    Hope it went well. Bummed I couldn’t make it, but I’m glad I got to see most of the AWESOME stuff that was in it. Love you!!!

  3. mary morphew

    Allie–You’re a star!!!I wish I could see your all your wonderful work in person!!We need to eat pickles together soon–Love you

  4. Caitlin Johnson

    Hi Allie, I picked up your postcard in the Emerson. Unfortunately it was after your show! I am interested in a coloring book for my niece and am wondering if you have anything still for sale. Let me know! Thanks a lot and happy holidays!


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