Two Rivers: Prints by Gesine Janzen and Robert Royhl

Gesine Janzen and Robert Royhl will be showing new prints at Aunt
Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory at 102 Main Street in Willow Creek. Two Rivers will open with an artists’ reception from 5:30 until 8:30 PM on Friday September 17.

Gesine Janzen’s monoprints and lithographs incorporate drawings of the Vistula River in Poland. This river delta was the homeland of her
ancestors from 1560 to the 1800’s. Her work is an encounter with a
departed time and place. Janzen is the Head of Printmaking at the
School of Art at Montana State University.

Robert Royhl will show new etchings based on observations of the
Missouri River as it forms at its headwaters. His work expresses the
unique life and forms along the Missouri as it ebbs and flows through

The show will be up from the opening until November 1, 2010, but ,
because of scheduling issues, if you miss the opening contact Dave
Kirk at 285 6996 to schedule an appointment to see the show sometime
after October 4.