Unknown: a painting and sculpture installation by Colleen Fuhringer

ASMSU Campus Entertainment presents: Unknown, a painting and sculpture installation by Colleen Fuhringer.  The exhibit will show in the Exit Gallery November 15-23.  There will be a free public artist reception Wednesday November 17th.

Fuhringer’s unique, suggestive work consists of layers of latex gathered, stretched, and formed into strange textures.  The work seems fragile, yet everything is constructed of a lasting material. Although the forms are strange and difficult to understand, they suggest movements and thoughts already familiar.

Colleen attended the University of Montana and Great Falls College of Technology before receiving a B.A. in Art from the University of Great Falls in 2009.  She was recently chosen to participate in an international exchange program and will study at the HISK Art Institute in Belgium in spring 2011.  Both a painter and sculptor, her current body of work has developed out of experimentation with latex paint and is conceptually based on unknown entities.  Colleen lives in Bozeman with her son, Lucas, and is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree at Montana State University.