From Anne Garner’s magical basement

Come join us for this fantastic and fun event on Sunday, Dec. 12, 1 – 5 pm! Dave Kirk of Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory in Willow Creek will be hosting a Sunday afternoon Art Show and Sale of odds and ends from Anne Garner‘s magical basement. Expect to see a roomful of alumni and community members perusing the stacks of treasure, definitely finding something for themselves as well as the other quirky people in their lives. It is the perfect holiday sale for any creative type…oh and did I mention Dave will be cooking up some of his famous pizzas as well. This a family friendly event!

Anne put it best by saying frankly, “All my life I have collected images and “neat thingies.” If it was very beautiful or very ugly, very foolish or very serious, shocking or boring, — I couldn’t resist it. As a child, these things were put in a big box kept under my bed labeled “INSPIRATION.” As I got older, I accumulated more and more, so that every time I moved, all of it would be lugged along to the next chapter of my life. Now I have a basement — and it is crammed with a lifetime of my stuff, detritus, memories, and odds & ends.”

Adding wistfully she said,”So in the interest of not becoming one of those collectors whose collections bury them, my friends have brought piles of stuff up from the basement so that I can share them with you in Willow Creek. There will be items for sale, to be auctioned, some of my own art, and memories to share. A large part of the proceeds will benefit the MSU Graphic Design Area by funding scholarships. There will be plenty of nifty stuff to tempt you, so be prepared. You’ll be able to find something completely desirable and useless from $1 on up up up. So be there or be square!”  Hope to see you there.