THE ALPHABET PROJECT @ [the art project]

[the art project], an Emerson run gallery space, introduces, THE ALPHABET PROJECT…an exhibit based on the letters of the alphabet. Each letter was randomly selected to a diverse group of creatives in the community. Focusing on an ordinary subject that we see each day, often by the hundreds of thousands, this exhibit conveys 26 letters as more than just shapes. The 26 artists, designers, and other locals in this show conceive and interpret the alphabet in surprising and inventive ways, ranging from graceful and polished to witty and unconventional. Come see the creations!

The mission of [the art project] at the Emerson is to provide a public space that fosters cultural development, self-expression and human interaction through the development and exhibition of art that is contemporary, experimental, and participatory.

Opening Reception:
February 11, 2011, 5-8pm in conjunction with the Emerson Art Walk
Exhibiting until April 4, 2011.
[the art project] is located in the Emerson’s Galleria Hall #110.

For more information check us out online at or call 587-9797.