Call for artists | Project: RECYCLE postcard exhibit @ [the art project]

Project: RECYCLE is an art on postcard exhibit that will be displayed at the Emerson’s NEW interactive community space, [the art project] at the Emerson. This is the 3rd postcard project and as usual all are invited to participate(artists and non-artists). Participants decide what “RECYCLE” means to them and relay this visually (words, images, etc) on a postcard that is provided upon request. The due date is March 11 by 5pm in time for the Emerson Artwalk. The project will be on exhibit until July 1, 2011.

The Postcard Project’s mission is to exhibit art work in a casual format based on a theme, in this case RECYCLE. This project is about being creative and inspiring yourself and others, and participating in a group project. The art will provide various interpretations of the theme and provide a unique viewing experience to the public. Each person interprets the same word differently. Some factors include native language, geographic location, age, and general view of the world.

If you already have a postcard, please feel free to use that for this project.

Contact Cherlyn Wilcox at the Emerson for more information or to obtain a postcard. or 587-9797.