Sixth Annual Everybody’s Birthday @ Aunt Dofe’s

Artist Anna Erickson threw the first “Everybody’s Birthday” at Aunt Dofes on March 13, 2006. Because of a format change away from one-person shows, the upcoming birthday will be the last one. It’s an homage to symmetry to have her host the first and the last party. Her landscape has changed in the intervening years. The ghost deer dancing with an umbrella and the two headed chicken will be replaced by things from her new landscape as the fourth generation to eke a living from a Marine County homestead. In her words:

Great-great grandfather built the house,
great-grandmother sewed the curtains
grandfather married the woman,
and had the father
of the girl who
lives there

Everybody’s Birthday Party AKA: GRANDMAS MEMORY INCINERATOR will begin at 6:00 PM Sunday March 13, 2011 at 100 Main Street in Willow Creek.