Bring Your Own Art @ The Cottonwood

This July, in recognition of the significance of the month’s revolutionary history, The Cottonwood Club invites you to participate in a Bring Your Own Art show featuring the work of disenfranchised citizens…please bring your work as a show of resistance to the evergrowing shit show at the highest rungs of your nation’s declining governing powers…what’s that sound?…street artists, film artists, clay tossers, performance nerds, painters, everyone invited and all mediums highly encouraged…bring your work ready to hang or display…resistance to the overgrown capitalist monopolies could be pretty much anything you make yourself…one more cup thrown on the wheel is one less walmart is peddling, one more handmade bag is one less children in third world countries cut their fingers on…make something! educate yourself! resist! resist! sweet sounds from Royal 7 and the Young Squires. July 30, 7pm, 201 S. Wallace.

2 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Art @ The Cottonwood

  1. Christa

    I’m sorry– but where is this located? i know it says “the cottonwood” but does that mean the golf course? thank you!

  2. Steve Post author

    Hi Christa,
    The map (click on the street address) is approximately correct; the entrance is in the multi-use converted warehouse on Wallace across from Harrington’s (near the library). Don’t worry, you’ll see other people around…

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