Welcome to Art Bozeman! If you’re an artist or fan of art in the Bozeman area, this blog is for you. There are many things it could be. What it actually becomes will depend on you.

Anyone who wants to comment, can. Anyone who wants to write posts, just let me know. What else would you like to see? Who would like to contribute a picture for the rotating image at the top of the blog?

Steve Durbin

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Anna

    Yay Steve!
    I’m so excited you’ve gotten this going! As usual, no time to contribute much but maybe in the future. Too busy making the place where people come to buy the art, or eventually come to buy the art, or something…

  2. sdurbin Post author

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for noticing! This would be a great place to mention your web site when it’s up and running. Or any new artists with work at Tart. Or a call-out to jewelry makers …

  3. Jelani

    Hello Steve,

    Looks like a great resource for Bozeman artists, visiting artists (like myself), and others interested in art in the area.

    As ideas come, I will send them along to you.

    Take care,


  4. Jelani

    One idea that just came to mind:

    It may be useful to have a listing of places that are interested in showing artworks, and contact information, types of work they look for, etc.

    You have a beginning list for “Events” but physical (and virtual) spaces for showing art could be useful as well.

    I can collect and pass on some of this information as I go about town trying to find spaces to show (photography mainly, but I can ask about other media as well).

  5. sdurbin Post author

    Hi Jelani,

    Your excellent idea is pretty much what I’m trying to do with the posts in my Gallery interview category. I’d be delighted to get any info you can send along, or just feel free to point out the web site to whoever you’re contacting, and they are welcome to send in their own responses to the interview questions.

  6. Bozeman's Own Monthly Magazine

    Please introduce yourself and your exhibit space. Angie Ripple, Publisher/Contributor Coordinator for Bozeman’s Own Monthly Magazine
    Do you have a defined mission or niche? Our mission is to provide our readers with information that is unique to Bozeman. Features include family fun, recreation, dining and Montana living.
    What local/regional/national mix of artists have you had? We attempt to feature local artists on our cover and include their bio within the mag.
    How do artists usually connect with you? we seek out up and coming artists and accept recommendations
    How should an artist looking for a show or advice best approach you? via email at bozemansown@bresnan.net
    Anything else you’d like to tell artists and art aficionados? With your contributions we can make BOMM and you as an artist stand out.

  7. Salvatore Vasapolli

    Finally a web blog about the art scene in Bozeman. Bozeman is a tough place to make it financially as an artist. Hopefully this blog can help many aspiring artists and established artist in the area.

  8. orly

    Dear Madam /Sir
    I am a Media Artist . My current work studying the contribute of the web to a collaborative video art work. In order to accomplish that ,I am asking video holders to shoot a sea from wherever they are, following a few guidelines . Since your email list is intended for art lovers ,i thought you would be kind enough to promote my offer for international collaborate work, just by publishing it ,to your e-mailing list.
    Thank You
    Orly Aviv

    International Call for Video Artists
    Sea of Seas
    Media artist Orly Aviv is seeking video artists to shoot a video from their country sea shore for this International collaborative project. The exhibition will take place in October 2009 at The Slade Research Center, at the University College in London, UK.
    Deadline July 30, 2009
    For prospectus and further information, please contact Orly Aviv at orly.aviv.art@gmail.com
    YouTube: SeaofSeas

  9. Marianne Filloux

    I just found you today as I googled “Tart + Bozeman”. Cool!

    I am an art teacher at Monforton Public School at 4-corners. I am encouraging little and big kids in making ART.

    I wondered if any of you might be interested in making art with children?!

    Each year we host an Art Fair in which we offer an evening of art activities, art exhibits, handmade objects for sale…the community gets really excited about art.

    This year our Art Fair is April 22. Would any of you:
    •want to host an art activity booth? (2 hours)
    •want to come to our classroom and help children make a salable art project?
    •have any suggestions of how we can build on the Earth Day theme, and attract more kids.

    It would be great for our students to meet real ARTISTS.

    Thank you for considering.

  10. Elissa Erickson

    I would love to help make art with children Marianne. If you e-mail me I will give you my number if help is still needed.


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