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MSU Exit Gallery: Call for submissions

This is your chance to have your work shown:

Exit Gallery Call for Entries


Apply for a solo exhibit or group exhibit for the
Spring 2008 semester at The Exit Gallery

Who is Eligible: Anyone and everyone with a cohesive body of work

How presenting artists are selected: All submissions will be given to a jury who will make their selection based on the quality of work. In the event of equal quality priority will be given to the student entry.

Perks to having a show in the Exit gallery: Two full weeks of a solo show. Posters, advertisement, and reception paid for. Chance to sell artwork and to get your name out.

What is needed for submission:

* Digital CD or Slides of original work
* 200 word Artist Statement – Must be typed
* Artist info:
o Name, e-mail, phone and address
o Resume
* $15 application fee
* Self addressed stamped envelope

Send/drop off submissions to:

SUB 282B (aka: Student Activities)
Attn: The EXIT Gallery
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717

Deadline is November 16th 2007
Contact: Brooke Tummel at 406.994.1828 or exhibits@montana.edu

Chris Terfloth: Abstract paintings at the Zoot Gallery

A showing of colorful abstract “flow” paintings by local artist Chris Terfloth opens at the Zoot Enterprises Gallery of Art with an artist’s reception Friday, November 16 from 5pm to 8pm. The reception will include music by cellist Kyle Brenner, wine and hors d’oeuvres.


Chris Terfloth has always been fascinated by “nature as art”. Terfloth translates natural patterns into colorful, abstract paint flows and geometric shapes. He also incorporates elements such as fused glass, sand, garnet and mica to create texture. “I like my paintings to have a tactile quality that encourages the observer to want to touch,” says Terfloth. Judy Hartz, owner of the Whooping Crones Gallery in Missoula where Terfloth’s paintings are currently exhibited, states: “I like the combination of organic nature and geometric abstract in Terfloth’s work. His paintings incorporate a multilayered style that encourages the viewer to find different facets and meaning.”


An illustrator for many years, Terfloth was drawn to the freedom and challenge of abstract expressionism. “Every work is a leap of faith. I start with a concept but as my idea evolves, I let the painting tell me which direction to go.”


Chris Terfloth’s work will be on display at the Zoot Enterprises Gallery of Art on the 2nd floor atrium from November 1, 2007 thru January 31, 2008. Zoot Enterprises is located at 555 Zoot Enterprises Lane Bozeman, MT 59718

Kevin Connolly’s Photography: The Rolling Exhibition

From an MSU news release:

Montana State University student Kevin Connolly, who has an unusual viewpoint of the world because he was born without legs, will share a collection of his photographs taken throughout the world and speak about his adventures at a multimedia presentation to be held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 23, at MSU’s Strand Union Ballrooms.

“The Rolling Exhibition,” the name for Connolly’s collection of photographs, is sponsored by ASMSU and is free and open to the public.

Connolly, a senior honor student from Helena majoring in media and theatre arts, is an X-Games medalist, an extreme skier and a gifted photographer who has traveled the world twice over, taking photos from a perspective few see. His images, shot from a camera at skateboard level, capture people in all walks of life as they notice Connolly for the first time.

Man, Girl, and Boy; Cluj Napoca, Romania
Man, Girl, and Boy; Cluj Napoca, Romania

More information here. See also Connolly’s web site.

Creative Planet: How the Landscape Makes Art (and Vice Versa)

This is the title of a Saturday (10/20) afternoon workshop at the Bioneers conference at the Emerson. It features a panel of Josh DeWeese, Matthew Marsolek, and MJ Williams, with Savannah Barnes facilitating. Bios of these folks can be found on the BORN site; here’s the workshop blurb:

Art has the power to transform us. Art connects communities through shared times and issues: art reflects who we are and how we feel about that. Art mirrors our environment — internal and external. How does the landscape influence our artists? How do our artists influence our landscapes? What do we need to do to sustain our artistic richness? What are the threads connecting past artists to the present, and connecting the local to the global? How can art wake up more people to care about place? Come listen to perspectives from a potter, two musicians and a writer on how art and place make beauty. Venue: Down to Earth Yoga

Tough questions, but I’m sure you’ll get the answers if you attend the workshop. :-)

Note: If you’ve perused a detailed schedule of Bioneers events, you might have noticed this workshop. As far as I can tell, it’s not listed anywhere with art-related events. Another example of why we need a place like this blog for such announcements.