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Sixth Annual Everybody’s Birthday @ Aunt Dofe’s

Artist Anna Erickson threw the first “Everybody’s Birthday” at Aunt Dofes on March 13, 2006. Because of a format change away from one-person shows, the upcoming birthday will be the last one. It’s an homage to symmetry to have her host the first and the last party. Her landscape has changed in the intervening years. The ghost deer dancing with an umbrella and the two headed chicken will be replaced by things from her new landscape as the fourth generation to eke a living from a Marine County homestead. In her words:

Great-great grandfather built the house,
great-grandmother sewed the curtains
grandfather married the woman,
and had the father
of the girl who
lives there

Everybody’s Birthday Party AKA: GRANDMAS MEMORY INCINERATOR will begin at 6:00 PM Sunday March 13, 2011 at 100 Main Street in Willow Creek.

From Anne Garner’s magical basement

Come join us for this fantastic and fun event on Sunday, Dec. 12, 1 – 5 pm! Dave Kirk of Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory in Willow Creek will be hosting a Sunday afternoon Art Show and Sale of odds and ends from Anne Garner‘s magical basement. Expect to see a roomful of alumni and community members perusing the stacks of treasure, definitely finding something for themselves as well as the other quirky people in their lives. It is the perfect holiday sale for any creative type…oh and did I mention Dave will be cooking up some of his famous pizzas as well. This a family friendly event!

Anne put it best by saying frankly, “All my life I have collected images and “neat thingies.” If it was very beautiful or very ugly, very foolish or very serious, shocking or boring, — I couldn’t resist it. As a child, these things were put in a big box kept under my bed labeled “INSPIRATION.” As I got older, I accumulated more and more, so that every time I moved, all of it would be lugged along to the next chapter of my life. Now I have a basement — and it is crammed with a lifetime of my stuff, detritus, memories, and odds & ends.”

Adding wistfully she said,”So in the interest of not becoming one of those collectors whose collections bury them, my friends have brought piles of stuff up from the basement so that I can share them with you in Willow Creek. There will be items for sale, to be auctioned, some of my own art, and memories to share. A large part of the proceeds will benefit the MSU Graphic Design Area by funding scholarships. There will be plenty of nifty stuff to tempt you, so be prepared. You’ll be able to find something completely desirable and useless from $1 on up up up. So be there or be square!”  Hope to see you there.

Two Rivers: Prints by Gesine Janzen and Robert Royhl

Gesine Janzen and Robert Royhl will be showing new prints at Aunt
Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory at 102 Main Street in Willow Creek. Two Rivers will open with an artists’ reception from 5:30 until 8:30 PM on Friday September 17.

Gesine Janzen’s monoprints and lithographs incorporate drawings of the Vistula River in Poland. This river delta was the homeland of her
ancestors from 1560 to the 1800’s. Her work is an encounter with a
departed time and place. Janzen is the Head of Printmaking at the
School of Art at Montana State University.

Robert Royhl will show new etchings based on observations of the
Missouri River as it forms at its headwaters. His work expresses the
unique life and forms along the Missouri as it ebbs and flows through

The show will be up from the opening until November 1, 2010, but ,
because of scheduling issues, if you miss the opening contact Dave
Kirk at 285 6996 to schedule an appointment to see the show sometime
after October 4.

Triad: recent work by Jane Waggoner Deschner, Jerry Iverson and Jon Lodge

Jane Waggoner Deschner, Jerry Iverson and Jon Lodge will present an exhibition of their recent works entitled Triad at Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory in Willow Creek. Featured are Waggoner Deschner’s embroidered vintage snapshots, Iverson’s paintings and Lodge’s mixed media sculptures. The three friends combine their unique voices in harmony with the space and in relation to one another. Triad opens Friday, June 18, 2010, with a public reception from 4–8pm, and artists’ Q&A at 6:00pm.

Iverson says, “the work in this show uses real words with real thoughts and meanings attached. I look at them as being very short poems painted on canvas. Each painting has a small story attached. … For me, these works are experiments, a side project to explore a new thing.”

Jane Waggoner Deschner has long used found photographic imagery in her work, first making collages or photomontages with magazine clippings, and more recently utilizing orphan snapshots of anonymous amateur photographers. Inspired by Iverson’s work for this show, she appropriated one of his phrases, “why work.” Expanded to many “why somethings,” the two words interact with each snapshot into which they are embroidered.

Jon Lodge states, “For this exhibition, I have manufactured sculptures or modules that interface with ambient light creating a re-contextualized experience of light.”

Both Iverson and Dave Kirk, owner and director of Aunt Dofe’s, were recipients of Artist’s Innovation Awards from the Montana Arts Council in 2009. Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory is open by appointment. Contact Dave Kirk, 406-285-6996 or davekirk22@gmail.com.

Summer Art Walks in Willow Creek

Beginning on Friday, June 18th, Willow Creek will begin their summer art walks. These art walks will be held every third Friday through September, from 5pm to 9pm.

The town boasts of three private galleries, with the remainder of the regional artists displaying their original art works and crafts for the home in the Fire Hall. Unusual contemporary artwork from some of Montana’s best artists can be seen at Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory. Walls of Grace Studio and Willow Creek Gallery feature Montana themes in modern paintings and drawings from the resident artists.

Food and beverages will be available at the Fire Hall for a low price; if you wish to dine at the Willow Creek Cafe, please make reservations ahead of time. For more information, please contact Leslie Drawbaugh at 406-600-8049.

Mike Weix & Everybody’s Birthday @ Aunt Dofe’s

On Sunday, March 14th, we are hoping to see Alice at our Everyone’s Birthday Party. If you were born, this party is for you. Mike Weix and Dave Kirk will be hosting this party for everyone, as well as displaying Mike’s new artwork at Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory Gallery out in Willow Creek.

The Everybody’s Birthday Party and Art Opening will run from 3-9 p.m. This will be the sixth time that Aunt Dofe’s has hosted the Everybody’s Birthday Party. This tradition began as a result of the personal life of Dave Kirk, owner of the gallery. Dave elaborates the story by saying, “it actually started about twenty five years ago when my kids would spend August with me in San Francisco. Because none of them was born in August, I was never there for ‘their real birthday party.’ So we started having ‘guerilla’ parties around San Francisco each summer. We’d take over some public place and throw a birthday party for everybody that was there.” This tradition now continues at 100 Main Street in Willow Creek, six miles south of Three Forks Montana.

If you ever wondered what would happen if a gingham chicken sat on a gingham pillow in a gingham chair, you are not alone. Mike Weix has pondered such questions himself. He is probably the only one in the universe to ask such deep questions. Mike Weix is a contemporary artist working in watercolor, collage and other mixed media. He has displayed his artwork, in the past, at the Emerson Cultural Center and the former Bealle Park Art Center. His passion for art extends beyond visual arts to include music. He is a local musician, and is on staff at the Emerson Cultural Center as the chief sound technician. Mike will be providing not only his artwork, but his music live at this birthday party. Dave Kirk will be providing the fresh pizza and the pinata. For information, please call 285-6996.

Everybody’s Birthday Party and Kate Huston @ Aunt Dofe’s

Fourth annual Everybody’s Birthday Party at Aunt Dofe’s, Sunday, March
15 from 3PM until 9PM
, 100 Main Street, Willow Creek, phone 285 6996.
This year hosted by Kate Huston…Band or Jam (BYI) begins about 4
PM…piñata implosion soon after…Cake…Pizza…good times.
A show of Kate Huston‘s work titled ” LYRICAL ILLUSIONS”  will be in
the main gallery.

Aunt Dofe’s Fundraiser Update

Recently we announced the upcoming benefit at Aunt Dofe’s gallery in Willow Creek. Here’s further information:

Aunt Dofe’s Art Sale will be a silent auction with the artist naming the minimum price. You will be able to mark a bid-sheet near each work on Saturday afternoon, November 1 or anytime on Sunday, November 2 until 7:30 PM.  If there is enough interest, the Willow Creek Café will be serving several gourmet specials to help with our fundraising. They will be $60 per adult and $7 per child. Please make reservations at the café by calling 285 3698 on or before Wednesday October 29 and mention “Aunt Dofe’s Fundraiser”. For more information, contact Dave Kirk at 285-6996 or e-mail at: auntdofes@gmail.com.